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15 Muscle Building Tips

Building muscles may sound easy; it’s not. You need discipline, consistency, and sometimes an incredible amount of sacrifice. If you really want to achieve that impressive Hulk like physique, it’s time to stop dreaming and do the hard work. To help you, here are some proven tips from TestX Core:

1. Don’t stick with a routine for a long period.
2. Consume the right nutrients after workout.
3. Don’t rely on lifting. Do other activities, too.
4. Have adequate sleep (at least 7 hours).
5. Eat five or six small meals a day.
6. Try some water sports such as swimming and surfing.
7. Better to involve more muscles in your exercise.
8. Strengthen your core—muscles around your hips, shoulders, and midsection.
9. Eat enough proteins and carbohydrates.


15 muscle building tips

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