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5 Tips To Know Your Tuxedo Suit Inside Out

The tuxedo suit is the most formal attire you will ever have the pleasure of wearing. What else do you know about this inimitable suit? Take a look at 5 key components of the custom made tuxedo.

  1. Style
    The single-breasted tuxedo is the most common style and will have one button giving an uncomplicated yet elegant look that can give the wearer the appearance of being taller
  2. Lapels
    The Shawl Collar has a rounded edge and is the most popular choice of lapel in a tuxedo.
  3. Finishes
    Lapel coverings are most commonly silk in the form of satin or grosgrain. This covering will have a bearing on your choice of bow-tie and cummerbund material.
  4. Vents
    Of the three styles of vents; centre, side, and none, only side and none are suitable for the formal look required of a tuxedo. The original tuxedo suit had no vents giving a much slimmer and more elegant silhouette. This is the perfect choice for ultra-formal occasions.
  5. Pants
    Pants are made from the same fabric as the jacket with the waistband often covered by a cummerbund, waistcoat or jacket. A belt is never worn as it adds bulk to the desired slim silhouette.



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