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8 Interesting Facts About Vaping You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’re new to vaping, you probably are interested in learning some fun facts about vaping. This is especially true if you’re a previous smoker who has successfully kicked the habit to go to vaping. For example, chances are that you can breathe more easily. Also, your clothing doesn’t smell and the yellow staining on your teeth is slowly going away. Regardless of why you enjoy vaping, these following 8 facts we’ll divulge in this infographic can help you better understand this industry as a whole.

But first, let’s dig into some interesting tidbits. Did you know that in England, an entire group of doctors, comprising of 35,000 physicians, urges their smoker patients to switch to vaping. Citing that it’s 95% safer than smoking? Go ahead, pat yourself on the back if you’ve made the switch!

As far as popularity goes, Vaping has grown from 7 million users to more than 40 million users over the past seven years. There are no signs of slowing down; namely because, you guessed it: More smokers are switching.

This surge in usership also has vaping becoming a multibillion industry, with think tanks estimating that it’s worth nearly $13 billion worldwide and growing.

Curious to learn more facts about vaping? We’ve got you covered in this awesome infographic!

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8 Facts About Vaping

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