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Are You Using Your Face Mask Correctly?

Did you know you can boil your homemade face mask for 10 minutes to sanitize it if you don’t have access to a washer and dryer? Did you know that once your homemade face mask gets damp it loses its effectiveness and you have to change it? Did you know that you have to wash your homemade face mask every single time you use it? Most people are completely unaware of the proper procedures for PPE, including how to properly put on and take off a face mask so that it remains effective. Have you done any studying about the proper way to use a face mask?

For starters, unless you are taking care of people who have COVID-19, you do not need medical grade respirators like N95 masks. Cloth masks will get the job done just fine. Wearing a cloth mask keeps your own droplets inside, preventing you from potentially infecting others if you do have the novel coronavirus and are asymptomatic. If everyone wears masks we can cut the transmission rate and slow the spread of the virus significantly.

You need at least two cloth face masks, more if you are returning back to work or spending a lot of time in public places. Wash your hands before putting on your mask, touching your mask or your face, before taking off your mask, and after taking off your mask. Wash your mask thoroughly every time you use it, and if you are traveling make sure you have separate plastic zip bags for clean and dirty masks.

Learn more about homemade face masks from the infographic below.

Are You Using Your Face Mask Correctly?

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