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Back-To-School 2016 : Marketing and Sales Guide

It’s always surprising how many brands don’t take action during the back-to-school season… because it is really an unsung hero when it comes to sales. For many brands it accounts for an astounding 68% of their Q3 sales, as well as 17.2% of their year round sales!!

One reason that it seems to sneak up on everyone is due to the fact that the first day of school varies so much from state to state. Kids in Arizona are starting back all the way in the middle of July (poor Arizona kids), while the New York kids are living it up til mid September.

So if you’re a marketer or brand who is trying to tap into this gold-mine of a retail holiday… believe it or not… you still have time to get your ducks in a row! The bulk of purchases happen in August, and they drift all the way into September due to all the last trips to the store to pick up forgotten supplies and dorm decor.

Read on to learn all of the wonderful back-to-school stats that are floating around out there so that you are well prepared to kick butt this year!


Back-To-School 2016 : Marketing and Sales Guide

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