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Best CPT Certifications for Personal Training

This infographic displays the top personal training certifications and compares them to one another. The top personal training certifications are the National Academy of sports medicine, the American Council on exercise, International sports science Association, The national strength and conditioning Association and The American College of sports medicine.

This infographic compares the certifications based on their accreditation (NCCA or DEAC), certification cost, recertification cost, retest cost, popularity, continuing education credits needed, earning potential, validation. And exam difficulty.

Choosing the right personal training certification is crucial if you are trying to maximize the salary you can make as a personal trainer. Choosing one of these five certifications will make sure that you have the tools and knowledge necessary in order to become a successful personal trainer. Personal training is one of the quickest growing jobs in the United States and around the world.


Best CPT Certifications for Personal Training

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