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The Cost of Coffee in the US and Worldwide

This ‘Cost of Coffee in the US and Worldwide’ infographic is for caffeine addicts everywhere. Our infographic tells you where to purchase your favorite coffee at a discount. We compared 10 popular outlets in the US and the 10 most visited cities. In an effort to find the least expensive location for good coffee.

It’s basic economics—the more people consume a product, the higher its value will escalate. This describes our society’s ever-expanding coffee addiction and many bean roasters’ propensity to charge over $1 for just a small “cup o’ joe.” Satisfying your caffeine jitters has become something of a luxury, whether you frequent those big-budget chains or a trendy local hang-out.

So, to itemize these costs and determine which coffee companies are most affordable, this infographic from CouponBox examines the average price across 10 popular U.S. brands, plus 10 cities around the world.

For example, McDonald’s coffee retailed the cheapest. While The Coffee Bean takes the title for the most expensive cup of joe. Coffee Beanery’s luxury cappuccino had the highest number of calories, and also the most expensive small cappuccino offerings. Tully’s offsets their higher-tier costs with the lowest calorie count (80 calories). Mid-range offerings are ruled by Starbucks, who also ties for the second on the lowest calorie count per cappuccino with Caribou.

The Cost of Coffee in the US and Worldwide

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