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Simple Ways To Overcome Creative Blocks

Simple Techniques To Improve Your Creativity And Beat That Art Block

Simple Ways To Overcome Creative Blocks

If you are a creative artist or designer then you must be familiar with creative blocks. That uncomfortable, some will even say the horrific feeling of losing your inspiration and running out of creative ideas.

While I won’t claim that I’ve cracked the secrets of the muses and can provide you with fail-safe methods to get inspired and creative at any given time. I can provide you with some techniques that will vastly improve your chances of regaining your creative energies and get inspired again.

When you have a mental creative block there are three possible main reasons: fatigue, lack of inspiration, and lack of creative knowledge. Let’s see how each one can be handled.

Dealing with a Artist Block

artist block

The more you read, research, sketch, and learn to more inspirational ideas will come to you. Some beginners make the mistake of trying to come up with their so-called masterpiece after only a few weeks of study. True inspiration is something that comes only after months and years of study.

  1. Keep a sketchbook with at all times and create sketch studies of everything that you find interesting around you, from day to day objects to artifacts in design museums. A lot of times you will discover that your own original sketches for new designs will naturally follow.
  2. Take some time to learn art and design history. The more you learn about the work of the great artists and designers, the more you understand what inspired them and how they dealt with various artistic challenges, the easier will it become for you to handle challenges of your own.

Even the most knowledgeable and skillful designers and artists will occasionally lack inspiration.

  1. Start keeping a visual dream journal. Keep a sketchbook next to your bed and sketch interesting dreams and images as soon as you wake up. Many times, surreal dream images can be developed into innovative designs.
  2. Creative writing, even if unrelated directly to visual design, can be really helpful in rejuvenating the creative juices. Keep a diary, write short stories or a novel, and don’t worry about the quality. You are trying to wake up your creative muse and not win a literary competition.

Dealing with Fatigue

Sometimes, the creative well runs dry simply because you are tired. It sounds like the most simple advice, but it may be the most difficult to follow. If you recognize fatigue, and you need to be really honest with yourself in order to do that, it is better to take a few days off than to continue pushing it and increasing your frustration.

A lot of creative artists and designers find it really hard to simply let go, even for a few days, some are even afraid they may never find their creative inner voice again, but taking some time off to be with your friends and family, or even to indulge in activities you never seem to find the time to do, can be really helpful.

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  1. Really needs to take lots of inspirations and extract your creative juices to perfect one design. Great infographic. Practice and practice until you succeed.

  2. Dealing with fatigue is probably my biggest issue!
    Students can’t get enough sleep to get those creative juices flowing D:

  3. Visuals are best when comes to attract the customer , nicely mentioned, Good work. Thanks for Sharing

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