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Dealing with students is just like dealing with toddlers

As many 18 year olds head off to university and the excitement of freshers’ week, an online voucher code website has looked at the similarities students share with toddlers, especially when students are drunk. From being awake all night long, to falling asleep anywhere, questionable clothing choices and see all the ways students and toddlers are the same in the infographic below.

It’s easy to see the number of similarities between toddlers and university students, as fresher’s week is just about to start for many eager students where alcohol will be flowing have looked into the comparisons between both.

Similarities between students and toddlers:

  • Up all night
  • Sleep all day
  • Eat weird food
  • Absentminded
  • Like being nude
  • Easily disorientated
  • Live in chaos
  • Dubious clothing choices
  • Poor conversation skills
  • Sleep anyplace uncomfortable

Speaking about the infographic and the behaviours of students and toddlers, Mark Pearson from My Voucher Codes said:

“Starting university is an exciting time for many young adults and for most it will be the first time they are away from their parents and essentially fending for themselves. Meeting new people, drinking and staying up all night are rites of passage for many students and something which takes a while to get used to. But their behaviours can be seen to be similar to toddlers.“

He added:

“Incidentally, although many students are prone to making mistakes at this age, many wouldn’t’ change the experience they had at university, even if they probably should have studied harder. For visiting parent’s it could be noted that student digs resembled their children’s bedrooms when they were toddlers; messy and disorganised!”

Dealing with students is just like dealing with toddlers

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