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Donald Trump’s Long History of Lawsuits

While it may not be the most fun job in the world, we all know that the world needs highly-qualified lawyers and lawmakers. And, if you do it well, the financial rewards help sweeten the deal.

But, in order to start a career as a lawyer, one first needs to pass the LSAT. Which is unlike any other test most of us have experienced in our academic career. The degree of difficulty is quite high. Each section (there are five sections) is designed to test for skills that are vital in litigations. As such, candidates will be tested for logical and critical thinking, the capacity to read and understand a difficult text, and more.

LSAT scores & Donald Trump lawsuits

In addition, the LSAT score is the decisive factor when you enroll in law school. So, it’s paramount to get the best possible score. This requires months of preparation and intense study on materials that are not exactly fascinating.

Still, if you’re truly passionate, there are cool facts that can make studying a bit more fun. For instance, Crush the LSAT put together a very interesting and up to date infographic that depicts Donald Trump’s long lawsuit history. It is quite fascinating (although not surprising) to see that the most powerful man in one of the most powerful countries in the world has such an inclination towards conflict.

Just think about it; you could end up representing someone famous or equally experienced in lawsuits in the future! If this is not your goal, the infographic also shows how you can be on the other side and defend the rights and liberties of regular people.

Overall, it may be challenging to study for the LSAT and it may be challenging to make a name for yourself once law school is over. But it can put you on a wonderful path. After all, the former president of the USA and his wife (Barack and Michelle Obama) started their careers as regular lawyers. So, there’s no saying where you could end up!

Donald Trump’s Long History of Lawsuits

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