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Eco-Friendly Leather Bags

The below-given infographic ‘Eco-Friendly Leather Bags‘ tells you in detail why you should choose vegetable tanned leather over any other material if you actually care about the environment.

There are various studies that come across (by vegan leather sellers) which say that leather is bad for the environment or animals gets killed due to leather but leather is nothing but by-products of the meat industry. There is no way a leather manufacturer can justify killing grown animals for leather usage. Any form of PU leather or Faux Leather is plastic leather which is way more harmful to the environment than genuine leather. They use a lot more chemicals that harm the environment, sea animals and other things.

So freely use away all the leather products which last a minimum for 10 years or so than buying plastic leather products every year or 6 months.


Eco-Friendly Leather Bags

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