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How to get rid of your ‘muffin top’ without surgery

The muffin top is that roll of fat sitting just above the waistband of a pair of trousers. It is one of the parts of our bodies that we feel most insecure about.

What’s worse, nutritional science tells us that it’s one of the hardest areas to get rid of fat from – we all know the feeling, when sometimes it seems like it doesn’t matter how much exercise we do, that muffin top insists on sticking around. But there are still things you can do to solve your muffin top problem.

This infographic gives you the information you need to start tackling that belly fat, with a comprehensive range of approaches running from targeted exercise to clever diet adjustments to a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that freezes the fat away.

These techniques will let you really get to grips with getting rid of that muffin top, and before long you’ll see it gone for good!


How to get rid of your ‘muffin top’ without surgery

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