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GRE® Practice Test Guide to Score 330+ (Infographic)

Are you preparing to sit for the GRE® test? Check out our ultimate GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) practice test guide to Score 330+ on your GRE® test! The Graduate Record Exam test has three sections, Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The scores for the first two sections range from 130-170 and have one-point increments.

The latter section has half-point increments, and the scores range from 0-6. Taking gre practice tests is only useful if you use it to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Besides, it allows you to understand what the actual examination could entail.

As you prepare for the GRE-test, start by setting a realistic score and purpose to achieve it. Getting 330 on the first try may not be practical, however. Tackle every question available, and remember to time these practice sessions.

Ultimate Guide to Score 330+ on the GRE® Test

When you get an answer wrong, review it thoroughly and identify what you should have done differently. Train yourself to respond to each question in only two minutes. Doing this will better your chances of getting a high score on your GRE exam.


Ultimate Guide to Score 330+ on the GRE® Test

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