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A Guide to Creating a Good Business Card

Did you know your business card has a 9 in 10 chance of being thrown in the trash? Over 27 million cards are printed daily, yet the average lifespan for nearly all of them is less than a week. Some people believe that’s proof business cards are obsolete in the digital age—but they’re wrong.

The truth is a lot less complicated. Most business cards get thrown away because they’re just plain ugly. Even if your card isn’t a design nightmare (we’re going to assume you’ve got good taste), you could still be making mistakes that keep it from reaching its full potential. For instance, you could be using contact information your audience doesn’t like, or your layout could be a little off.

These 8 simple steps to business card design will teach you what to put on your card and how to make your design stand out from the pack (custom die-cuts, anyone?)


A Guide to Creating a Good Business Card

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