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Step-By-Step Guide To Holiday Marketing

Check out our guide to holiday marketing. Brands and marketers everywhere are in the final push to grab some of those holiday sales from the 53% of shoppers the National Retail Federation says will STILL be in the stores this weekend catching Super Saturday deals.

While it’s officially the last, last minute, the good news is the shopping doesn’t end once the gifts are opened on Christmas morning. In fact, year after year, the day AFTER Christmas ranks in the top 5 biggest shopping days of the year. AND we can’t forget about the millions of gift cards that will be passed out this year… gift cards make up 60% of holiday gift-giving.

So, it’s actually NOT too late if you’re still trying to get eyes on your product or service this holiday season.

That said, the team at The Shelf has put together a step-by-step social media holiday marketing strategy that is effective, actionable, and evergreen.

Bookmark this strategy! Tweak it. Roll out an abbreviated version for the holiday, and reuse this strategy to get your brand in front of buyers all year long.

Holiday Marketing Guide

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