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Home Security: Residential & Security Systems Statistics

Less than 40% of US households installed some kind of home security system. Although it might look like a problem with residential burglary has been blown out of proportion. Surveillance products are necessary and will most certainly pay off in the end. Violent crime, including aggravated assault, rape, murder, and robbery occurs every 26 seconds.

In these circumstances, when crime can happen to anybody, anytime and with more and more affordable security products on the market it just a matter of choice, based on needs and preferences.

About 75% of all buyers claim to be satisfied with the purchased system, while 50% want to buy additional components or services. Over 74% of system owners feel much safer at home and less concerned about their families.

It might come as a surprise but mature, older people are not the biggest fans of the security equipment. Most buyers of the residential security systems are young people between 18 and 35 of age, also known as millennials.

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Home Security: Residential & Security Systems Statistics

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