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How to Secure Your Construction Site

With the presence of high-value plant machinery and equipment, construction sites remain a common target and are particularly vulnerable to theft and other crimes, especially when they are not adequately protected. Crime can cause significant problems, including project delays and financial losses, which can be detrimental to small or medium-sized businesses.

In fact, the UK construction industry loses more than £400 million per year as a result of theft and vandalism. That being said, there are plenty of effective ways to protect your site, staff and assets, including investing in the latest security technology, marking and registering your equipment and only hiring trained, licensed members of staff. Doing so will help reduce crime, prevent unauthorised site access, save you time and money and improve the health and safety of your workforce.

Leading UK security technology experts, Millennium Security, have produced a handy infographic explaining the most effective ways to secure your construction site from theft, arson and unauthorised access.

How to Secure Your Construction Site

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