How To Work From Home – An Entrepreneur’s Guide

In 2020, working from home was still quite a novelty for many of us. The Covid- 19 circumstances made it essential. However, most of us weren’t exactly prepared. There was a lot of setting up on kitchen tables. Now is the time to reclaim the kitchen table back for dining and figure out a spot that works as a home office.

A year in, the novelty has worn off. Homeworking looks to continue for the foreseeable future. For many, the drawbacks of remote work are far outweighed by the positives of not commuting. It results in having more flexible days, and spending more time with our loved ones. It has become clear though that we can’t just do with makeshift space anymore. We need to properly prioritise our wellbeing.

We expect working from home to become much more widespread. It’s more important than ever to make sure that we are adequately prepared. This is where our entrepreneur’s guide to working from home comes in handy. Even pre-pandemic, 97% of entrepreneurs either loved or liked working from home.

How To Work From Home?

We put together advice from entrepreneurs across a wide range of fields, like fitness coach Joe Wicks and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Their advice will help you keep motivated, productive, and sane whilst you continue to work from home. One thing that is important is to remember that working from home can make it far easier to blur the lines between work and play. So our guide offers a holistic approach. We don’t just look at how to find a space to work, but how to structure your day to keep yourself rested and well-fed.

Of course, no advice in the world can stop certain distractions. Things like children showing off their finger paintings during a zoom call. Another example, a cat who really wants to sit on your keyboard while you’re in the middle of a big report is just part of the new normal.


How To Work From Home

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