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Infographic: 2011 World Car Sales Statistics

Global car sales show different dominating car manufacturers in the world’s largest vehicle markets: China, U.S., Germany, Japan, and Russia.

China leads in new vehicle purchases with more than 18 million sold. Of the vehicles purchased, it bought more than 30 percent from GM and another 30 percent from VW. Of course, more than 1 million of the GM cars were produced by Wuling, a Chinese company which GM has a minority interest in. Toyotas comprised about 12.2 percent of China’s total purchases.

In the United States, GM led with 34 percent. Ford was next with 28 percent of the market share. Toyota sold almost 20 percent of all U.S. new purchases. The Prius, the world’s leading hybrid vehicle, remained the number one hybrid in the U.S. despite some new competition.

Brazilians made VW number one with 34 percent of the 3.4 million vehicles sold. GM’s share was 31 percent. Ford’s share was 15 percent.

In Japan, Toyota maintained a 64 percent market share. Nissan’s share was 32 percent. Nissan sold 34 percent and GM sold 26 percent of Russia’s 2.6 million. Ford, Toyota and VW all maintained more than 12 percent of the market share.

Worldwide the top sales belonged to GM with more than 9 million; however, it is only 7.8 million, if Wuling’s 1.2 million are excluded. VW (8.1 million), Nissan/Renault (8.03) and Toyota (7.91 million) are all well-positioned to take the top spot from GM. Among hybrids, Toyota’s top-selling Prius remains the undisputed world leader.

Brought to you by Olathe Toyota Parts Center.

Infographic: 2011 World Car Sales Statistics

Brought to you by Olathe Toyota Parts Center

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