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A Christmas Toy Story

Do you remember the Rubik’s Cube? A fun rundown of the bestselling Christmas gifts since 1980. At Gonedigging, we’re largely kids of the 80s.

So with the festive season truffle shuffling its way around the corner, we thought it’ be fun to cobble together a list of the top-selling Christmas toys since 1980…

via Gonedigging.co.uk

A Christmas Toy Story

Sebastiaan Laan

Sebastiaan is the founder of Infographics Archive. He is the man behind everything. He has dedicated to building a website solely focused on collecting the best infographics on the internet. Career-wise, Sebastiaan has also been an online marketing consultant for over 20 years. He is a proud husband, father, and family man.


  1. These are so much fun to look back and remember. I got both My Little Pony and Carebears for Christmas as a child.

  2. I see Furbie as 1998 and those silly things have come back this year! At least they are cuter than Cabbage Patch dolls 🙂

  3. i was so excited when i finally figured out how to do the Rubik’s cube!…of course that involved me just taking the stickers off and moving them around lmao

  4. Fun infographic! I loved my Lego Train and Rubik’s Cube. I had a Merlin too and that thing got me addicted to tech gadgets.

  5. It was the Rubik’s cube that caught my eye in this infographic. I remember getting oh so very frustrated and never, not even once being able to do it. My husband can literally do it in less than 2 minutes. He has yet to tell me how…I think he enjoys watching me get frustrated. 😉

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