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Candy, You Drive Me Bananas

A slim body and candy are usually mutually exclusive, true. But if you keep curbs on how much sugar you eat, you should be just fine and there is no need to go to extremes and exclude sugar from your diet altogether.

When consumed in moderation, candy is very unlikely to do harm to your figure and it has positive effect on your mood. It goes without saying that irrespective of whether you eat candy or not, physical activity is crucial to good health.

You’ll probably want to spend some more time on the treadmill if you have a sweet tooth, though. If you go to a supermarket and manage not to put any candy into your shopping cart, well done, you probably belong to the tiny minority of people who can resist the temptation.

The confectionery industry is a massive one and we are overwhelmed by the amount and diversity of candy. We are spoiled for choice, we can pick and choose from hundreds of candies and may be difficult to resist the indulgent sweetness.

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Candy, You Drive Me Bananas

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