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Diabetes day – A day in the life of an diabetes patient (Infographic)

Abbott has created an infographic in honor of World Diabetes Day. An infographic to help raise awareness about what life can be like for an insulin-using patient who has diabetes. Do you know what a typical day is for a diabetes patient? First thing in the morning…every day starts with a blood glucose test.

Approximately 26 percent of the 18.8 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes follow an insulin regimen. Typically recommended by their healthcare provider in order to manage their diabetes. People with diabetes are often prescribed insulin. Either because their bodies do not produce insulin or do not use insulin properly.

Abbott’s infographic takes the user through ‘a day in the life’ of an insulin-using patient, which can include a complex routine of regular blood glucose monitoring, counting and logging carbohydrates, and calculating and injecting precise doses of insulin while managing their daily routine.


Diabetes day - A day in the life of an insulin using patient (Infographic)

Sebastiaan Laan

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  1. I did have some idea what a typical day was like for an insulin-using diabetic but I didn’t know the routine is this complex!

    Yet another awesome interactive infographic that will surely raise awareness and walk us through what life can be like for an insulin-using patient.

  2. I know and have known many diabetics it isnt always an easy thing. Most I have known have type2 and manage things fairly well.

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