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The Disability Disconnect (Infographic)

The Disability Disconnect. Think you’re invincible? You’re not alone. Most working Americans drastically underestimate the odds of becoming disabled. Experiencing an income-interrupting injury or illness that will last an extended period of time.

Now consider that more than one in four of today’s 20-year-olds will have their income interrupted by a disability before they retire. That’s because some top causes of long-term disabilities aren’t catastrophic accidents. They are mostly common, everyday health issues like back pain, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and even pregnancy. No matter how healthy, everybody has a risk of becoming disabled that is too high to ignore.

You’ve probably protected your most prized possessions from damages and accidents. But what about the resource that makes all others possible — your paycheck?

Learn more about the causes of disability and how you can defend your income from them.

The Disability Disconnect (Infographic)

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