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How To Say I love You in Different Languages (Infographic)

This Infographic from Frederick’s of Hollywood, mentions many ways to say ‘I love you’ in different languages. The translations for that heartfelt phrase are right at your fingertips.

For many people, Valentine’s Day is a celebration with the ones they love. Since the holiday’s supposed origin in Christian and ancient Roman tradition. Nations all around the world honor Valentine’s Day as a popular day to say, “I Love You.”

I Love You in Different Languages

Do you plan to send a message to that special someone without using the words ‘I love you’? Than consider the meaning behind several popular colors.

Check out our color wheel explaining the hidden meanings behind popular womens lingerie.

Nearly one-quarter of women vary their intimates selection depending on their mood. So of course, check out to browse their selection of incredibly affectionate Valentine’s Day lingerie.

Also checkout the health benefits of love and our archive of love related infographics.

How To Express Your Love in Many Different Languages (Infographic)

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  1. Nepal language is Nepali language Not tibetian.
    And it sound like malai tmi man parca .
    What you write is totally wrong

  2. Hey man the official language of afghanistan is pashto remove those farsi language and write ( mina darsra laram )

    1. Hi Abdurahim, thanks for your reply and the correction! We appreciate it. Unfortunately we can’t change the original infographic.

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