Road Rage: The Face Of Anger When Driving

Do you know what the typical road rage offender looks like? Do you know that they have a certain profile? Research shows that the average road rager is male (no surprise really), however, not by a large margin. Males account for 56% of offenders and females 44%.

The most common act done by a person is swearing at other drivers. Perhaps most unsettling is that research has shown that a full 11% of drivers sometimes carry a gun while driving. This of course should scare you a bit particularly when you have witnessed someone with anger when driving.

It was also found that most perpetrators of road rage drive nice cars such as BMW’s, Land Rovers, and Audis. This would lead us to believe that most angry drivers are also likely to be financially well off.

We have all been witness to drivers who exhibit road rage so this information should be a key reminder to remain sane while driving.

This graphical representation of driver rage was created by the folks at and is meant to be a reminder about driving safely while operating a motor vehicle.

The Face Of Road Rage (Infographic)

Sebastiaan Laan

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  1. Beware the man in the blue BMW!
    Driving in today’s chaotic and crazy world, we may encounter road rage either as the victim or the aggressor at some point in our lives. I suppose the best thing to do is to remain calm and cool and not make the matter worse.

    Great reminder to remain sane while driving! Thanks!

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