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Healthy Recipes for 5 Dollar or Less

Indiana University Health is committed to doing something about the high obesity rates in its state. Over 65 percent of Hoosier adults are overweight or obese and 29 percent of children fall in the same categories. IU Health teamed up with Green B.E.A.N. Delivery on Garden on the GoTM to bring truckfuls of produce from local and regional sources into Indianapolis neighborhoods.

The partnership was a natural move, as both are working toward a healthier state. IU Health isn’t just trying to reduce obesity and other health risks like heart disease by putting vegetables in reach of urban residents. It’s also focused on teaching people how to cook healthy meals and spreading the word that it can be cheaper doing so than buying a bucket of fried chicken.

While obesity on its own can be a health problem, it can also wear down joints and lead to more inactivity, resulting in a greater chance of developing heart disease. Women who are obese have a 50 percent higher risk of getting some form of heart disease, and obese men have a 70 percent higher risk.

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Healthy Recipes for 5 Dollar or Less

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  1. So much of this is how the parents choose to eat. It is also sometimes a matter of economics. People who have the east tend to use fillers such as pastas, breads etc to stretch the budget. Fresh vegetables and fruits don’t last as long- and can’t be kept in the pantries.

  2. This is such a good infographic, because it’s always hard to find things that are both cheap AND healthy! Fast food restaurants make unhealthy food so easy to access but at least these recipes make for an easy time!

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