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Health Effects and Benefits of Spices in Food

Nawaab Restaurant in Manchester has released an informative graphic depicting the benefits and effects of various spices on the human body. The in-depth research has discovered the multitude of different benefits that can be accrued from ingesting the wide range of different spices that are available and commonly found in Indian Cuisine.

As one of the UK’s most recognized and respected Indian Restaurants, Nawaab strives to keep its loyal customers happy and updated on the effects of the spices that they use in the dishes. Nawaab believes that education is important and their team considers themselves perfectly placed to provide education regarding spices to the general public. The effects of spices manifest themselves both physically and mentally as the spices take a wide range of effects.

Various spices included in the infographic have long been used in various cultures when treating different ailments and afflictions. For example, mustard oil has been used for generations in India to help slow the effects of balding and help aid healthy hair re-growth.

Other spices have been used to help treat problems in a number of the body’s internal organs.

Health Effects and Benefits of Spices in Food


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  1. Fennel is considered the best herb for improving beauty for women, it balances blood sugar levels, and contains choline which helps the attitude.

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