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Is Raising a Child More Expensive Than a Bentley?

Have you ever considered purchasing a brand new Bentley? What about having a baby? At first glance the questions may seem absolutely unrelated. However, we started counting, analyzing and comparing and the results and conclusions were somewhat surprising.

A Bentley may be a whim, a dream-come-true or simply a means of transport. A child is a long-term commitment, a huge responsibility and a financial investment. While some people postpone having a baby until they are financially stable, others apparently do not realize that even the initial basic expenses might be overwhelming. Even if we don’t want to spoil our children, it is so easy to get carried away that many of us end up overspending.

The variety of accessories for children is bewildering. Needless to say, we all want to provide our children with whatever they need, but there is a thin line between what they really need, what we think they may need, and what is redundant. Overindulgent parents who have tendency to spending sprees often fall prey to the massive children products industry, so beware of the many pitfalls and try not to overspend.

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Is Raising a Child More Expensive Than a Bentley?

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  1. I would expect the cost of a child to be far higher than a car… surprising really. And who would pay 165K for a car? Thats nuts!

  2. I would choose a child over a Bentley hands down! A former co-worker of mine files up every single receipt of the expenses incurred raising her child – infant formula, diapers etc. She joked that she would claim back everything from her son when he is an adult! Hmmm…. maybe she could get him to buy her a Bentley!

  3. …. ups mixed the numbers in the previous one – it was $166.972 for a boy and $166.549 for a girl.

  4. Very cool, really liked it, especially the comparison with a national defense budget! 😉

    I believe there was a research in Canada on a similar topic, done by MoneySense, Canada’s Personal Finance Website and the numbers were quite close: $166.972 for a boy and $16.549 for a girl.

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