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Presidential Pets – Animals at the White House

Bo Obama has certainly received his share of media coverage, but he’s actually just the latest in a long line of critters who’ve called the White House home.

While 68 percent of our presidents have owned dogs, and 20 percent of them have had cats, other animals have also lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — like canaries, goats, horses, and even cows.

Exotic animals have also played a part in White House history, including President Theodore Roosevelt’s menagerie of lions, zebras and bears. President James Buchanan was gifted a herd of elephants from the King of Siam, but the pachyderms never roamed the South Lawn. There are, however, more than 70,000 bees currently taking up residence in a hive on the storied lawn.

Want to learn more about the fascinating lives of presidential pets throughout history? Check out’s infographic.

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Presidential Pets - Animals at the White House

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