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Top Excuses Women Use When Hiding Their Latest Fashion Purchases

Shopping habits between men and women differ quite considerably, this infographic from Moda In Pelle explains what women spend the most money on and the excuses used to hide purchases from their partners.

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Top Excuses Women Use When Hiding Their Latest Fashion Purchases

Sebastiaan Laan

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  1. lol soooo true!~ I have totally bought clothes I will never wear, and have bought smaller sizes on purpose but never put them on!

  2. I dont spend alot on clothes so dont think I have ever hidden a purchase. I think the only thing I have ever hidden maybe is amazon- I buy books 🙂

  3. I am not too much into fashion purchases but I have in the past used the good old excuse of ” I have had this forever, it’s not new.” I have never purchased the amount stated above for clothing or shoes etc. but have been guilty every once in a while of hiding a purchase… 😉

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