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How To Train Yourself To Speed Read (Infographic)

How to train yourself to read faster

Speed reading boasts a big business, Corporations of all stripes host speed reading training seminars and courses. They offer reading packages and patent computer games on the subject. But if your business is looking to bolster the reading speed and retention of its employees, look no further.

Here are some simple steps you can take to increase your reading speed. As well as retention for your employees, without spending a dime on seminars. However, we do recommend you take it slow the first time!

Mindflash is an online LMS that lets you create courses, manage trainees, and track the results. Just upload your PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or videos and Mindflash converts them into a professional-looking Web-based course.

Easily add quizzes, invite trainees and track results with automated tools. Mindflash is the perfect solution for companies or departments who need to provide compliance, sales or product training to 500 – 5,000 people. Mindflash plans start with 30 days of FREE unlimited use!

How To Train Yourself To Speed Read (Infographic)

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