What Makes A Good Travel Writer

We surveyed 57 travel experts on what it is that makes a good travel writer. The survey looked at the following areas: Mobile Devices, Social Network Usage, Photography, Blogging, and Online Media Usage. The survey produced some fascinating results which we then converted into an infographic.

An example of some of the insights we gained was that 57% of female travel experts surveyed use Apples’ iPad, yet 57% of female travel experts owned a laptop that was not an apple.

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What Makes A Good Travel Writer

Sebastiaan Laan

Sebastiaan is the founder of Infographics Archive. He is the man behind everything. He has dedicated to building a website solely focused on collecting the best infographics on the internet. Career-wise, Sebastiaan has also been an online marketing consultant for over 20 years. He is a proud husband, father, and family man.


  1. Hardly seems representative to use such a small sample as 57 – evidenced by the fact that ‘100%’ of certain groups of travellers ‘use’ Kindle and Tumblr. And why the statistics on travellers generally when this was meant to be about travel writers!?

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