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Death by Stress – Is Stress Killing You?

This year, it was estimated that around 35 percent of American workers are chronically stressed.

Women are more stressed out at work than men. They’re likelier to feel tense over the course of an average workday. They are also likelier to feel as if their employer doesn’t appreciate them.

Causes of stress

  1. Job pressure (co-worker tension, bosses, work overload)
  2. Money (loss of a job, reduced retirement, medical expenses)
  3. Health (health crisis, terminal or chronic illnesses)
  4. Relationships (divorce, death of a spouse, arguments with friends, loneliness)
  5. Poor nutrition (inadequate nutrition, caffeine, processed foods, refines sugars)
  6. Media overload (television, radio, internet, e-mail, social networking)

Check out this infographic from to learn more about stress and how it can affect you.

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Death by Stress - Is Stress Killing You?

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