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Measure your AdWords optimization with 3 smart KPIs

This infographic is designed to give an easy, but powerful, methodology to measure the optimization level of an AdWords account just looking at 3 Key Performance Indicators. It comes out from a more than decennial on field experience of its author, Gianpaolo Lorusso, the creator of one of the largest PPC events in the world (ADworld Experience). It analyzes the level of efficiency, looking at the Quality Score of the most expensive keywords and thus giving a precise answer to the question: Am I having the lowest PPCs I can?

Afterwards it looks at effectiveness, analyzing Conversion Rates of top items (Keywords, placements and shopping products) and answering the question: Am I buying the right clicks? And finally it considers the coverage, that is Impressions Shares of top items, answering the question: Am I having all the best clicks?

Enjoy 😉


Measure your AdWords optimization with 3 smart KPIs

Sebastiaan Laan

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