Meet Nelson Nigel, Founder and CEO of Kidmoto Technologies

My name is Nelson Nigel and this is my journey as the startup founder and CEO of a Kidmoto Technologies. Life is not easy and life throws you curve balls but you have to take lemons and make lemonade. It’s not easy, you have to work your butt off.

I drove a New York City yellow taxi, I drove Uber, I was a used car salesman, insurance salesman, I sold cd’s on the street corners and I never gave up. Ladies & Gentlemen, never give up, BE AWESOME.

Nelson is a NYC entrepreneur with a true passion of an entrepreneur. Self made, coming from absolutely nothing. He remembers 20 hour workdays driving a New York City yellow taxi. He says that is what fueled his drive to achieve greatness.

Who is Nelson Nigel? Meet Nelson Nigel

Jessica Smith

Jessica is the author in charge of or website. Moreover, she takes care of all the back office and business administrative duties. Jessica is the mom of two adorable kids.

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