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Moving with Pets – How to Keep Your Furry Companions

Did you know that “moving” is the number-one reason cited for pet abandonment? Both dogs and cats, on a huge, nation-wide scale, fall victim at move time.

Once relinquished at animal shelters, only the lucky ones have hope for adoption. Many are euthanized. My Move wanted to find out why moving is such a common reason for pet abandonment. We began by fielding a study on our site, asking an audience of recently moved people whether they had any pets, and if so, whether they were able to bring their animal(s) to their new home.

We found out that moving-related reasons include a new landlord not allowing pets, the new home not being appropriate for pets, an allergic housemate, and others. We also found resources and tips to help pet owners bring their furry friends along with them to their new home.

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Moving with Pets - How to Keep Your Furry Companions

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  1. Great infographic! It has always been difficult for most of the families to move with pets for different reason.And i think there is no harm in that after all moving is the most difficult things for most of the families.

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