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Online Gambling as Impacted by COVID-19

Are You Gambling Online More During the Pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic put on hold the entertainment industry. Brink-and-mortar casinos and huge resorts were shut down and locked for the time being. With the gradual reopening of casinos at the beginning of June, it’s been clear that the industry is reshaping to accommodate the new reality.

Ever been eager to visit that new casino or try that new slot? Did your Vegas-getaway got canceled, ruining your plans? People’s plans weren’t the only thing that got ruined amidst the lockdown.

Data shows that the biggest gambling resort cities have taken a severe hit on their economies, held mainly on gambling and entertainment. As you can see from the infographic below, you’ll notice you’re favorite gambling getaways to have taken a major blow.

But while brick-and-mortar casino operators couldn’t divert the hit, players were able to mitigate it, seeking gambling entertainment from online casinos. Have your online bets grown as demonstrated by the data? And did you start placing e-sports bets when all of your favorite live sports events got canceled? A lot of people did!

But gambling online, even with a live casino, cannot compare to the thrill of joining the fray on the floor of a casino. Are you tired of gambling online at this point? If you’re planning on flying to Vegas or joining a brick-and-mortar casino in another reopening fun center, you should be prepared to do so in accordance with the new reality.

Acquaint yourself with the new guidelines. If you’re planning you’re next trip to the land-based venues, as presented in the infographic. But also, explore the alternative bets you can make online. You can still enjoy your hobby if you’re not ready to expose yourself to the risks of Covid-19.

Online Gambling as Impacted by COVID-19

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