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Optimal Temperatures for Serving Wine by Variety

The temperature wine is served at is just as important as the quality of the wine itself. Drinking red varieties overly chilled or whites not cool enough will demonstrate this every time, even if it’s a fine vintage wine. Upon taking the first sip, something will be terribly wrong. The entire delivery will be flawed unless the temperature is right. In order to make sure this never happens to you, you should always keep in mind a few general guidelines for how certain varieties are served best. This will ensure that whether you’re familiar with a specific variety or not, you’ll still have a general idea of how its best enjoyed.

The infographic below not only gives you a few hard fast rules to remember, but also includes a detailed chart describing the optimal temperatures for many different types. If you like trying out different kinds, or need a reference to remind you of the best temperatures for the wines you already love, keep this infographic handy.


Optimal Temperatures for Serving Wine by Variety

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