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Risk Radar: What could possibly go wrong?

A map of global risks (plus a few charming ways the world could end). The radar is divided into four by impact and probability. Impact is a guess at economic impact, while probability is a guess at likelihood. I know some people will argue about where specific events are located, but that’s the whole point – to created argument and debate about potential risks. The most serious events are be located top right, the least serious bottom left, although personally I’ve always had an interest in low probability high impact events (the so-called wildcards in scenario planning speak). These can be found bottom left. The map is serious, but there are a few events that aren’t – purely to keep people amused and awake.


Risk Radar: What could possibly go wrong?

Sebastiaan Laan

Sebastiaan is the founder of Infographics Archive. He is the man behind everything. He has dedicated to building a website solely focused on collecting the best infographics on the internet. Career-wise, Sebastiaan has also been an online marketing consultant for over 20 years. He is a proud husband, father, and family man.
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