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Social Media Video: Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use

What You Should Consider When Making Social Media Videos

Videos account for 82% of internet traffic this year, making them the most popular content ever created. With social media platforms at rise, more users have become accustomed to watching online videos on a daily basis. This leads to a big opportunity for marketers to use social videos to run their campaigns.

That’s why many businesses are now competing to create engaging social media videos to attract and reach out to a wider audience. The video content is great for increasing engagement rates. If you’re selling a product, the viral moment is something you look for to boost your sales.

How do you make a social video that works wonders? Here are some tips you should know.

1. Create an eye-catching thumbnail

Thumbnail is like the cheat of your video content. A compelling thumbnail can hook people to watch your video without you asking them. An excellent thumbnail should be intriguing. It needs to raise curiosity to your target audience that they have to stop and watch your video.

For example, you can include a screenshot of your video as a thumbnail. Again, use big and colorful fonts to attract attention from the get-go. You may as well use thumbnail makers online to make engaging image shots.

2. Use captions

A study has shown that more than 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off. One major reason is that the video itself is muted as default. So, users need to turn on the audio to listen to it.

This study then urges creators and brands to include subtitles on their video content to help viewers understand the context. Besides, having the caption can help the audience with a hearing problem to experience the video the same way with others. As a result, you can reach out to a broader audience.

3. Check your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of every online content. Whether it’s articles, images, or videos, having SEO properties will help them get discovered easily.

Before publishing your social videos, you need to input all the SEO properties that matter. For example, add a description to your video, include a relevant tag, and more.

4. Make videos for a specific platform

Every social media platform has different usages. They also have a different audience that doesn’t overlap with one another. So, if you’re going to make a social video, make sure that you create it for the right platform.

Suppose you’re introducing your brand using Facebook. You know that you can’t make the same corporate video content you’ve made for YouTube. Facebook users share a different preference when watching a video.

They tend to resonate well with videos that evoke their emotion, like motivational content. But, unlike YouTube, where you can post entertaining videos, Facebook users won’t intentionally search for the same term on the platform.

Here are top social media platforms you should consider using to see higher engagement and build a better rapport with your audience using videos. You can choose ones that match your target audience, video content, and preferences.

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Social Media Video: Which Platform Works Best for You?

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