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Storytelling: Learning the Tools to Power Your Story

Approximately 152 million books are in circulation worldwide and 2.2 million more are published each year.  Additionally, millions of stories are shared every day on a variety of social media platforms and websites.  Even so, more stories have yet to be written. Jimmy Neil Smith, the Director of the International Storytelling Center states, “We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

There are many benefits associated with writing. According to one study, people who write down their goals are 1.5 times more likely to achieve them.  Storytelling can make any fact over 20 times more memorable, and writing about personal experiences for as little as 15 minutes for three days consecutively can benefit your mental and physical health.  Healing, communication, self-reflection, concentration, and reasoning are all psychological benefits of writing.  Writers process emotions quicker than non-writers, can communicate difficult concepts effectively, get clarity on their experiences, and organize complex ideas and feelings. 

Choose Your Story Wisely

Writing mindfully requires an organized writing process. When starting to write, it’s necessary to choose your story wisely.  Do you want to reflect on a challenging experience you went through?  Do you want to tell an uplifting story?  Using a writing prompt can help you organize your thoughts. 

The benefits of writing take time, so you must build a habit; commit to writing every day or several times a week to get into the habit.  Writing should feel like a reward, not a punishment.  In order to enjoy the journey, it’s important to focus on the process rather than just the result. 

Anyone can become a published author with the right tools. Every writer needs support, guidance, and feedback to succeed.  Opyrus enables billions of people to tap into their potential to write for their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.  Opyrus socializes and democratizes writing, allowing individuals to collaborate, grow, and create all on one platform.  Start writing your story today; you might change the world. 

Storytelling: Learning the Tools to Power Your Story

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