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The Anatomy of a Work Order Management Process

Managing a team of people with a lot of different tasks is always challenging. Things aren’t any different when it comes to a maintenance department. To keep everyone on the same page and ensure that all tasks are completed on time and in order of priority, many organizations are using some type of work order management system.

Work order management is a part of many different tools and there are some stand alone solutions as well, some of which are unrelated to maintenance industry. That being said, most maintenance departments that need work order management will look into computerized maintenance management solutions (CMMS) as the work order management system is one of the core modules of a CMMS.

Now, for Work Order software to be effective, it has to allow its users to include all pertinent information on a Work Order when creating a work assignment. Just for clarification for those unfamiliar with the term, work order (abbreviated WO) refers to a task that is scheduled and assigned to a specific person. While the term can be used more broadly, it is predominantly used in the maintenance industry to assign work to maintenance technicians. It can be written or printed on a sheet of paper or shared in the form of a digital document.

On the infographic below, you can see what are integral components of a quality Work Order like description of needed work, required tools to execute work, team or person that is assigned to complete the work, due dates, etc.

What you will also find on the infographic is an example of a standard work order management process – from the generation of work order request to completion of the assigned maintenance work. While the example is from the maintenance industry, the core steps apply to work management in other industries as well.

The Anatomy of a Work Order Management Process

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