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Top 20 Things Recruiters Want from the Candidates

An HR professional is there to help you get the job. But what are the things recruiters want from candidates?

Though the recruiters do not make the final hiring decision but are tasked with bringing a handful of the most competent candidate to the hiring manager.

A recruiter’s job is to get a butt in that seat and they want to be perfectly sure that it is a right butt! For this, they keep on constantly striving about everything to determine if you’re going to be a fit for their team. They assess every single action and communication – whether verbal, nonverbal, or written more.

Your single attitude or a mistaken body language can convey incorrect signals and could land up passing the job over for another candidate.

You should peep in the infographic below that lists 20 of the most common things recruiters want from candidates that you won’t find in the job description. Check out how to impress a recruiter and make your career life super fantastico.


Top 20 Things Recruiters Want from the Candidates

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