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Top 50 Things to Do in Houston

Home to the NASA’s Johnson Space Center, one of the finest space museums in the world, Houston is the space city soon emerging as a top Houston attractions in the US.

What about exploring Houston Zoo, the second most visited zoo in the US? With one of the largest collection of animals in the country, visitors can check out the African forest, the Asian elephant habitat or watch a horde of Piranhas swimming together at the Kipp Aquarium. Be it the Children’s Museum, the National Museum of Funeral History or the Museum of Natural History, the list of exhibits in the city are just jaw dropping.

From underground tunnel tours of the city to scenic landscapes like Buffalo Bayou and Gerald D Hines Waterfall Park, we give you the top things to do in Houston city. Get the leading activities at the best rates through exclusive deals at Way.

Top 50 Things to Do in Houston

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