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Turnitin Similarity: How Much Is Too Much

Do you know how to paraphrase text? Paraphrasing is an important skill to master for any writer. When you do it successfully, it allows you to borrow the ideas of others without being termed a plagiarist.
In that, you use the ideas of another to cement your arguments or opinion on a subject matter. You can achieve this by replacing the words used by the source with their synonyms. However, in doing this, you have to ensure that the final text makes sense.
Which brings us to a critical aspect of paraphrasing; it is more than just replacing words with their synonyms. To hack this, you first have to read the text you want to paraphrase, understand it, and take note of the main idea.
Then, use this idea to form a unique text, using your own words, and voila! You have a rephrased piece.


Turnitin Similarity: How Much Is Too Much

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