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Types of Wood for Shed Building

Planning to build a shed? First things first: Know the different types of wood for shed building. This will help you determine whether the wood you intend to use is durable or not. Don’t waste money and time. Here are 7 types of wood for building sheds:

1. Cedar – Durable and wood-eating insect resistant
2. Cypress – Old-growth cypress is durable and rot resistant
3. Larch – Characterful with high resin content
4. Douglas Fir – Excellent dimensional stability
5. Redwood – Durable and slow to burn
6. Pine – Cheapest timber for building
7. Plywood – Affordable and easy to assemble

So which wood type would you prefer? If you’re on a budget, select a timber that is affordable. But if you can pay for the expensive type, which is more durable of course, then why not? Happy shed building!

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Wood for Shed Building

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