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The Ultimate Guide to Revamping a Logo Successfully

Redesigning a logo should be the easiest thing in the world. You’re starting out with an existing design, which sounds much easier than starting from scratch. Instead of trying to create customer recognition, your goal is to build on the recognition that’s already there.

But that’s exactly what makes a redesign so tough. Customers are already emotionally invested in the current logo. It’s difficult to know what you should take out, leave in, or modify when any change risks hurting customers’ perceptions of the brand.

That’s why the graphic designers at Company Folders created this ultimate guide to restyling a logo. They’ll teach you all about simplifying your design, streamlining text, and staying true to the parts of your old logo that are actually working.

Best of all, you’ll get to see real life examples of these design techniques from big name brands like Marriott, Bacardi, and Fandango. These companies’ logo redesigns turned into a smashing success—and now yours can, too.

The experienced graphic designers at Company Folders are ready to help you update your logo. To see logos they’ve created in the past, check out their services.

The Ultimate Guide to Revamping a Logo Successfully

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