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Why Water Reclamation is Critical to Environmental Health

Whenever people use pressure washing equipment, they create wastewater that runs into our storm drains. That wastewater can contain a lot of dirty chemicals and bacteria that can affect wildlife in surrounding areas. As soon as the wastewater reaches the storm drains, an aqueduct carries that dirty water into a nearby stream or body of water.

The stream then feeds the wastewater into a local river, and then is pushed by the river into the ocean. More than 50% of all ocean pollution is caused by wastewater and sewage, and the world’s oceans contain nearly 500 dead zones where marine life can’t survive. Before you start pressure washing, check out the Scotts Pressure Wash infographic on water reclamation to learn more about how responsible actions can help save our environment.

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Why Water Reclamation is Critical to Environmental Health

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