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What Your Poop (and Pee) Tells About Your Body (Infographic)

What does the color of your poop mean?

Ever wondered what Your Poop (and Pee) Tells About Your Body? Have you ever wondered if your poop looked “normal,” but were too embarrassed to ask anyone else what their poop looks like? Or has your pee ever smelled a bit putrid but you were too mortified to utter a word to your best friend, let alone your boyfriend?

Poop is an important part of health and affects your beauty, as everything in your body works as an interrelated system. Well, don’t worry, because here is a guide to anything and everything you may have wondered about your pee, and yes, your poop.

How much poop is in your body?

According to the Centers for Disease Control a man of average weight produces 1 pound of poop each day. A woman of average weight produces about 14 ounces of poop per day. On average a human will produce 9,000 LBS of poop over the course of his / her life!

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What Your Poop (and Pee) Tells About Your Body (Infographic)


  1. Great post. Bowl movements are so important and can tell you a lot about your internal health. This is a great picture illustrating that point. Thanks for posting!

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