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What’s the best country for older people to live in?

Handicare, a prominent UK stairlift retailer recently created a ranking of the best countries in the world to live in for older people. They looked at over 100 countries in total and compared them across a range of factors to determine the ranking. The factors they examined were the safety index score, the cost of living, the property prices, the health index score, the happiness index score, the pension ages, the life average expectancies and more. Then, they looked at the final results to determine an overall ranking.

This infographic displays the top five countries, revealing the best country in the world for older people. As well as that, it also makes sure to discuss the UK and their ranking in the final list. The accompanying article goes into much more detail and even talks to those who have either been to the countries or lived in them to find out their opinions on the rankings.

What’s the best country for older people to live in?

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